Data Profiling

Uncover data patterns and anomalies

The Problem

The context of data is often buried in tribal knowledge or entirely unknown. With new data sources added to the data ecosystem, organizations need an easy way to get a quick understanding of their data.

Despite a busy data profiling vendor marketplace, data teams have struggled to find profiling solutions that integrate well with their modern data stack and could cope with today’s data volumes.

The Solution

No code profiling of data at scale

Use Telmai to profile and inspect your data at scale. Find patterns and anomalies that can guide you in building your data quality and analytics models. With Telmai you don’t need to sample your data or be limited to a subset. Telmai is built on a Spark architecture, giving you the ability to profile and investigate your data at scale and in its entirety.

Take a deep look into your dark data

Telmai’s built-in machine learning can investigate not only structured data, but also data that is typically dark and hard to read and parse. This includes semi-structured, 3rd party information, or user generated tables that you don’t clearly know about. Telmai investigates nested structures and flags anomalies and inconsistent patterns in your data content in just minutes.

Migrate to a modern data stacks with ease

Migrate from legacy, undocumented data lakes and databases into modern cloud stacks without writing any code. As you move to a modern data stack, use Telmai to profile, understand, and curate the right data for your migration, use the knowledge to properly design and structure your data transformation and data warehousing. Once migrated Telmai becomes your modern data stack’s observability layer.

Video for the solution

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Start your data observibility today

Connect your data and start generating a baseline in less than 10 minutes. 

Telmai is a platform for the Data Teams to proactively
detect and investigate anomalies in real-time.
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