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A global leader in data-driven customer experience management amps up its data quality with Telmai

With Telmai and Snowflake, this Global Leader in Data-Driven Customer Experience Management builds a modern data stack that scales to 100,000,000 data points a day With data being the backbone…

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Clearbit uses Telmai to deliver accurate data to its customers

Telmai helps Clearbit manage the data quality and freshness of 50M company records 389M contact records, and 4.5B IP addresses from over 250 sources. With data being the product at…

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DataStax builds trust in product usage data with Telmai

Fully automated data observability empowers trust in product usage data across 36,000 clusters. DataStax is a real-time data company. DataStax helps enterprises mobilize real-time data and quickly build the smart,…

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DataStax Builds Trust in Product Usage Data with Telmai
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