Data quality profiling and monitoring

Reduce the time spent on detecting and investigating data quality issues using our no-code approach.

Reduce frustrations about bad data

Get started in minutes

A no-code on-boarding. Connect to your data source and get started.
We automatically detect your schema and analyze data within minutes.

Understand data quality across all data sources

Quickly visualize high level statistics across all the data sources.

Get profiling information like record count, unique values, empty values and correctness .

Trends analysis on data quality indicators

Historic trends analysis based on volume, duplicates, completeness and correctness to understand and compare recent data with historic data.

Row-value level analysis

Row-value level anomaly detection. We calculate anomaly score for every value on multiple aspects like frequency, length, tokens and patterns.

User inputs for correctness

Interactive experience to capture users inputs to define correct data.

Proactive alerting

Users can set alerting criteria on data quality indicators to be proactively notified.
coming soon!

How Telmai works


Connect to your datasources (S3, GCS, BigQuery), or send data via REST or load a local file.


Telmai will automatically analyze the data and present data problems via an interactive use interface.


Capture user inputs to define correctness.


Define criteria for alerting and get notified automatically.

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