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NO sampling,NO blind spots

Validate all the data and identify issues at the column value level. Automatically exclude/remediate bad data from AI workloads

Open Architecture, scale AI workloads

Data quality and monitoring directly on raw data in open formats like Iceberg, Delta, and Hudi stored in S3, GCS, and ADLS

Say no to cloud cost surge

Natively designed as a metric monitoring system–high-performance, elastic scale at very low cloud cost

Secured, zero-copy data

Data will only stay in your storage device,Telmai is a fully managed service running within your VPC account

Data observability leader

“Great Data Quality & Observability with granular details and easy to share summary”

“Accelerated our data validations and anomaly detection work-flow using Telmai”

“Telmai offers a top-tier SaaS-based data observability platform with no/low-code development”

“AI-based data quality monitoring and anomaly detection for complex data”

How it works

Connect to Data lake/lakehouse

Analyze : View data health insights and reports on entire data lake

Human-in-loop : Tune contracts, alert policies and DQ workflows for key data

Relax : Build amazing data products, Telmai will ensure data reliability

Customer stories

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To prepare data for product usage analysis we needed data quality metrics beyond monitoring operational data pipelines and job status checks. While we continue to monitor the quality of the pipeline, we chose Telmai to detect the quality of the data that moves through the pipeline.

Raghu Nadiger

Data & Analytics Leader, DataStax

Feature overview

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Data Metrics

Effortlessly track the data quality metrics that matter to your business


Automated and manual thresholds help you spot issues before they escalate


Ensure that no anomaly goes unnoticed


Get to the root cause of data quality issues


With Telmai, your data is protected by industry-leading security


No-code, low-code integrations with over 250+ data sources

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