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70% Faster Detection

Telmai’s ML-powered metrics and thresholds use historical data to detect issues

10X TCO Reduction

Reduce the time and cost of building, hosting, and maintaining data reliability for the entire pipeline

<1 Hour Time to Value

Low-code, no-code setup to deliver immediate insights

50% Drop in Alert Noise

ML-driven self-evolving thresholds and configurable alerting policies for targeted alerts

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To prepare data for product usage analysis we needed data quality metrics beyond monitoring operational data pipelines and job status checks. While we continue to monitor the quality of the pipeline, we chose Telmai to detect the quality of the data that moves through the pipeline.

Raghu Nadiger

Data & Analytics Leader, DataStax

Feature overview

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Data Metrics

Effortlessly track the data quality metrics that matter to your business


Automated and manual thresholds help you spot issues before they escalate


Ensure that no anomaly goes unnoticed


Get to the root cause of data quality issues


With Telmai, your data is protected by industry-leading security


No-code, low-code integrations with over 250+ data sources

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