Why Telmai?

Telmai is a secure, scalable system built to ensure data quality across your entire organization

The fastest route to complete data observability

Data observability is a necessity for any company working at scale with data. We built Telmai to ensure that every organization can meet this need

Our platform is faster to deploy and easier to maintain than homegrown solutions, freeing your team to focus on other business-critical issues

What you get with Telmai

Total observability

With Telmai, there’s no limit on pipeline observability. Telmai integrates every data source and data type—no data cleanup, pre-processing, or transformation required

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Endless flexibility. Uncompromised performance.

Telmai naturally scales as your data pipeline grows. Our flexible underlying architecture means Telmai can work without impacting overall pipeline performance

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Intelligent, always-on monitoring

Telmai trains itself on your data to detect anomalies before they impact your business. Automated alerting and ticketing integrations allow your team to take the right actions faster

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Know your data like never before

Telmai’s root cause analysis and UI-based investigator provide deep insights into data lineage, trends, and more—no code required

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Up and running in about an hour

No code. No data cleanup. Seamless API integrations. Telmai is built to start delivering insights faster than any other observability platform

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Customer stories

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Data quality is a problem of trust. To build that trust, you need good data quality KPIs, and for that you need the power of a really good tool. Telmai gives us that.

Alejandra Cabrera

Data Product Manager, Clearbit

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