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  • Quickstart with 40+ pre-defined metrics
  • ML-based anomaly detection
  • No-code, visual, interactive
  • Real-time notification and alerts
  • Root cause analysis and investigation
  • Any data: data warehouses, delta/data lakes, streaming data, flat files, semi-structured sources, and more

Why Telmai?

No-code setup

Get going with Telmai in less than an hour.

Connect every data source

Low-code, no-code integrations for over 250 data sources.

Data health dashboard

A central hub to track the data metrics and KPIs that matter to your bussines.

Intelligent alerts

Ensure that your team never misses another anomaly.

“When dealing with data sets comprising million of records, Telmai quickly becomes an incredibly useful tool, saving a lot of time and ultimately increasing data quality.”

Maria Grineva Dun & Bradstreet, SVP Engineering