The Easiest Way to Detect Data Drifts

Focus on data indicators that drive your business

The Easiest Way to Detect Data Drifts

The Solution

No code data monitoring for any data

Business operations teams such as revenue operations, marketing operations, and product managers can use Telmai to see the direct impact of their business data. Today Telmai is used for monitoring product usage, tracking competitive pricing data, monitoring firmographic and audience behavior data, and more. 

No code data monitoring for any data
ML that learn from your data

ML that learn from your data

Telmai provides KPIs by continuously monitoring your data metrics and detecting any outliers as compared to its previous or expected values. For example, you can continuously monitor the range of incoming values of transaction amounts. Telmai tracks your data and identifies anomalies that are out of range using seasonality and other algorithms. 

Metric segmentation

Telmai provides the ability to segment your data metrics and data quality KPIs. For example, you can segment your observability insights by regions, demographics, or product categories. This is valuable when your quality metrics are dependent and vary based on the segment. For example, while a price of less than $100 may be alarmingly low for one region, it could be completely normal for another region.

Segment and detect data drifts
Monitor your data drifts on autopilot

Trust your good data, and get alerted on bad data

Telmai automatically learns about your data and adjusts your data quality metrics accordingly. By providing input to our system using our Human in the Loop approach, Telmai will adjust data thresholds and start monitoring incoming data for any drifts over time. This autopilot system will increase your trust in good data, and gives you a peace of mind knowing that the right notifications will inform you of unexpected changes.

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Telmai is a platform for the Data Teams to proactively detect and investigate anomalies in real-time.
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