Real-Time Data Quality and Monitoring for BigQuery

The Solution

Build Trusted Analytics and Data Products Faster

Telmai’s low-code, no-code data observability product proactively detects data quality issues, anomalies and drifts in BigQuery, GCS, DataFlow, Pub/Sub events, and other sources to help data teams create and monitor their data products, analytics and reporting, streaming applications, and advanced machine learning models faster and at a fraction of the cost and resources.

Centralized data observability for all data
Monitor the data, not the job runs

Data Accuracy at the Record Value Level

Telmai uses both ML and user-defined expectations to observe data values as well as metadata in BigQuery, providing higher accuracy and understanding of data that feeds analytics applications, advanced machine learning models, and data products.

Performance and Scale at Low TCO

Telmai’s petabyte-scale platform, built on Spark and Google Cloud Services (GCP) including Google Dataproc, decouples its data quality analysis and scoring from the underlying data warehouses and analytical databases, and provides customers with data quality monitoring capabilities without overloading and slowing down these operational systems or increasing their infrastructure costs.

Tap into your data without slowing it down
Monitor the data, not the job runs

Fasttrack Cloud Migrations

With Telmai, migration projects to Google Cloud and Google BigQuery are done within a fraction of the time. Telmai’s low-code no-code approach enables profiling and understanding of data quality issues prior to migration, and testing and validation after migration to ensure duplicates, inconsistencies, and errors did not sneak into the new system.

Telmai is a Google Partner

We have shared customers and have gone through technical evaluation with Google to ensure our integrations with GCP and BigQuery are designed for the best performance, architecture, and scale. 

Tap into your data without slowing it down

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Telmai is a platform for the Data Teams to proactively detect and investigate anomalies in real-time.
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