Open Architecture, AI-driven Data Observability company, Telmai, Announces Google Cloud Marketplace Launch

Telmai, an AI-driven data observability firm with an open architecture, has announced its availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This allows organizations to more efficiently purchase and implement Telmai’s secure and highly scalable Data Observability platform via the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Telmai Partners with Google Cloud to Bring ML-Driven Anomaly Detection and Data Quality Monitoring to BigQuery

Farnaz Erfan

August 23, 2023

Telmai, the open architecture, AI-driven data observability company, today announced it is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Organizations can now purchase and deploy Telmai’s highly scalable and secure Data Observability platform faster and more efficiently using Google Cloud Marketplace.

The announcement builds on Telmai’s existing partnership with Google Cloud, which has allowed the company to expand its product innovation and market reach globally.

“We have been a customer of Google Cloud since inception, having built our platform engineering on the Google infrastructure,” said Mona Rakibe, CEO and Co-founder of Telmai. “We are delighted to announce that Telmai is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace which provides us with a fantastic opportunity to support more customers all around the world, giving them greater control over costs, faster procurement, consolidated spending, and quicker deployments.”

Telmai’s Data Observability enables enterprises to:

  • Detect, investigate, and remediate their data quality issues at scale
  • Integrate data observability across heterogeneous data pipelines that include data warehouses, delta lakes, semi-structured datasets, and streaming sources
  • Monitor the growing volume, velocity, and variety of data using Telmai’s open and scalable architecture

The platform is a fully hosted software managed by Telmai and is also available for private cloud deployment in customers’ Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure environments.

With Telmai now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, organizations can deploy Telmai data observability in just a few clicks and benefit from consolidated cloud spend and unified billing that makes their procurement easy.

“We welcome Telmai to our growing ecosystem of partners on Google Cloud Marketplace,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Cloud Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. “With Telmai’s solution widely available to our joint customers, more organizations will be able to quickly deploy technologies to monitor their data pipelines at scale.”

To demonstrate the power of this partnership, Mona Rakibe will speak at Google Next about how she, as a startup founder, has leveraged AI and the power of Google’s suite of products to scale.

Explore Telmai on Google Cloud Marketplace here.

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