Telmai’s Integration For Alation

Telmai’s integration with Alation transforms data management by combining advanced data catalog features with real-time data observability. This synergy allows users to access and analyze crucial data quality metrics directly within Alation, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency. The integration not only simplifies data navigation but also strengthens data governance, ensuring high-quality, reliable data across the organization. Discover how this powerful combination optimizes data handling in our latest feature blog.

Hashem Raslan

January 19, 2024


In our ongoing series on data catalogs, Mona Rakibe illustrates their importance through an analogy in our previous blog: “Unorganized data is like buried treasure without a map. It’s immensely valuable but remains inaccessible and underutilized without a data catalog.” This underscores how data catalogs are crucial for harnessing the full potential of data in any organization.

Alation is renowned for its machine learning-driven data catalog, which makes it excel at searching and discovering data assets.  In his article, Matt Weingarten emphasizes Alation’s unique approach to data organization. He points out that Alation excels in cataloging data by creating individual pages for each schema. These pages are enriched with comprehensive details, sample data, and lineage tracking. This method, as Weingarten notes, significantly improves data accessibility and understanding, thereby becoming a pivotal tool for data governance and informed decision-making in organizations.

As Ankur Gupta points out in his article, integrating data catalogs with data observability tools ensures a fortified data governance approach. Data catalogs would lay the groundwork by structuring data asset information. Data observability tools would provide real-time insights into data’s health and quality, thus providing a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of data within organizations.

This foundation positions Alation as an ideal platform for integrating data observability tools like Telmai, further enriching its capabilities in data management. Watch the video below to understand how the integration works. 

Telmai’s Integration For Alation In Action

Integrating Telmai with Alation demonstrates the powerful combination of data catalogs and observability. This union streamlines the process, allowing teams to quickly access critical data quality metrics for the respective table or data asset within Alation, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for multiple platforms.

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