Telmai Awarded Best Product in AI & Data

Telmai has been crowned as the Top AI & Data Product by Products That Count. This prestigious recognition marks a significant milestone for Telmai, reflecting our commitment to data quality and innovation.

Anoop Gopalam

March 14, 2024

We proudly announce that Telmai has been named a Top AI & Data product in the 2024 Product Awards. The 7th Annual Product Awards, presented by Products That Count in partnership with Mighty Capital and Capgemini, is the only awards program designed to celebrate the tools that help Product Managers build great products. Last year, Telmai was in the running for this distinguished award, bringing us immense joy to emerge as the victors this time.

The selection process for these awards is rigorous and community-driven. Nominations come from the vast network of communities within Products That Count, while an independent Awards Advisory Board makes the final decision. This year’s Board included product leaders from companies like Bank of America, Amazon’s Twitch, and S&P Global.

Telmai, with a left-shift-oriented approach to data quality and an open architecture supporting 250+ data sources, ensures data reliability by leveraging its ML-driven anomaly detection to investigate, remediate, and prevent downstream impact. 

SC Moatti, the founding CEO of Products That Count, remarked, “Great tools are the Product Manager’s secret weapon, pivotal for staying ahead in the competitive market landscape. I extend my congratulations to Telmai for setting the benchmark for product excellence in 2024 and beyond.”

Mona Rakibe, cofounder and CEO, said, “ Our vision has always been to make data quality easy and accessible to both the technical and business-focused teams. This recognition is a tremendous validation of our commitment to a good product backed by a strong architecture.”

Are you curious how Data Observability solutions could enable you to leverage your data assets fully? Discover how Telmai can revolutionize your data ecosystem, making it more dynamic and value-driven. Request a demo of Telmai today.

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