The Data Migration Quality Metrics You Need

Centralized observability layer for all your pre and post migration needs

The Data Migration Quality Metrics You Need

Automated Profiling and Auditing

Organizations migrating to new cloud data warehouses or data lake architectures need easy and automated profiling and auditing tools to understand their current data structures and content. Telmai enables profiling, pattern, and outlier detection, and analysis, helping you understand the content of your data and its values at a granular level before migration.

Centralized data observability for all data
Monitor the data, not the job runs

Data Testing and Validation

Telmai’s data testing and validation features help ensure a well-designed and high-quality data lake or cloud warehouse environment. Track essential data migration metrics like completeness, consistency, and integrity to guarantee accurate migrated data.

Faster and More Cost-Efficient Migrations

Migration projects are less risky and completed in a fraction of time and resources, given Telmai’s low-code no-code product that does not require knowledge of SQL or technical data engineering skills.

Data migration quality metrics
Monitor the data, not the job runs

Post Migration Data Observability

After the migration, Telmai’s ability to monitor all your data from structured, unstructured, or even streaming sources gives you a single, centralized data observability layer to monitor your entire new modern data stack, helping you leverage it to its fullest potential.

Eliminating Infrastructure Usage Costs

Unlike other data observability platforms that determine quality by querying the data warehouse or delta lake, Telmai’s architecture decouples its data quality analysis and scoring from the underlying data warehouses and delta lakes. This eliminates unnecessary and costly queries to these databases and, in turn, does not increase their usage costs. 

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