Quickstart monitoring with pre-defined metrics

Telmai has up to 40 predefined data metrics that you can leverage immediately, making rollout of a data monitoring quick and painless.

Data metrics


Schema changes like new attributes are added or removed


Incomplete data received like null values, empty strings, NA etc

Record Count

Volume drifts like lower or higher row counts than expected.


Alert on unexpected duplicate values.

Distribution drift

Identify drifts in statistical distribution for categorical.

Pattern drifts 

Syntactical patterns for well formatted attributes like SSN, & Zip Code

Controlled lists

Validate acceptable values for a controlled lists like ISO codes, ICD codes, Gender , Address_Type etc


Flag inaccurate data based on multiple metrics like numeric values, is_email? , is_URL, length of strings, tokens etc.

Custom metrics

Users defined custom metrics and expectations using our proprietary Human-in-loop approach.

Telmai is a platform for the Data Teams to proactively
detect and investigate anomalies in real-time.
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