Revolutionize your Data Quality Strategy

Accelerate the ROI on your data initiatives by automating Data Reliability. Resolving Data Quality issues requires more than sporadic, tactical fixes and few validation rules. It is also about something other than pure reporting on Data Quality KPIs.

These problems often span an organization and need a comprehensive approach integrating people, processes, and technology.

Paul Spitaleri, Head of Sales Engineering at Telmai, will demo actionable strategies to transform Data Quality challenges within your organization and get on a path of autonomous data quality monitoring, reporting, and remediation.

This demo will cover:

  • A high-level overview of Data Observability via Telmai
  • Data Reliability Automation in the pipeline
  • Circuit Breaker Pattern
  • Data Quality Binning
  • Data Quality Reporting
  • Data Diff Monitoring across systems and much more
  • Integration with Data Catalogs – Unity Data Catalog & Atlation

On-Demand Webinar