Telmai vs. Monte Carlo

Deep dive into the quality of your data at any step of the pipeline without slowing it down. 

Monitor your data across data warehouses, data lakes, streaming sources, and more.

Use Cases

Use Telmai

When you need to monitor all your data across every stage of the pipeline.

When data accuracy and validity are critical to your business. 

When you need to go deep into your actual data values to detect anomalies and drifts.

Use Monte Carlo

When you only want to monitor your data warehouse and BI reports.

When a peripheral view of data, captured through its metadata or system logs, gives you peace of mind. 

When you only need a high level view to ensure you that the data warehouse is loaded, refreshed, and operational.

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  • ML-based anomaly detection
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  • Real-time notification and alerts
  • Any data: data warehouses, delta/data lakes, streaming data, flat files, and more

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"When dealing with data sets comprising million of records, Telmai quickly becomes an incredibly useful tool, saving a lot of time and ultimately increasing data quality."

Maria Grineva

SVP Engineering, Dun & Bradstreet

"Data anomaly investigations that used to take hours now take minutes and gives us more time to focus on the business needs."

Darius Kemeklis

EVP, Myers-Holum

"I liked its simplicity, ease of integration and powerful insights to detect anomalies. It makes the life of the developers so easy without the need to build various rules for detecting anomalies and reduces lot of time and effort"

Kishore Damodar

AVP, Cloud & Data Engineering, Merkle

Telmai is a platform for the Data Teams to proactively detect and investigate anomalies in real-time.
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