Webinar: Kick start your data journey with Telmai Profiler++

| July 30, 2021 12 - 12:30pm PST


The biggest challenge data teams face is understanding data and data quality issues across the entire dataset.


Even today, most data owners have to manually eyeball samples of data to identify data anomalies, which is tedious, inefficient, and time-consuming. 


Join team Telmai for a 30-minute demo where you will learn about Profiler++ and how it can become the most valuable tool for your team.


In this webinar, you will learn:


  • How to integrate with Telmai in minutes

  • Overview of Telmai Profiler++ to get a high-level understanding of your data quality 

  • Automatically detect anomalies at an attribute value level

  • Quickly investigate the root cause of these anomalies 

Register today for a live demo followed by Q&A. 

Recordings will be made available to all registered guests. 



Mona Rakibe, CEO and co-founder

Max Lukichev, CTO and co-founder

Harsha Bipin, Customer success, Founding Team

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