The Easiest Way to Detect Data Drifts

No code data monitoring for any data

Business operations teams such as revenue operations, marketing operations, and product managers can use Telmai to see the direct impact of their business data. Today Telmai is used for monitoring product usage, tracking competitive pricing data, monitoring firmographic and audience behavior data, and more.

ML that learn from your data

Telmai provides KPIs by continuously monitoring your data metrics and detecting any outliers as compared to its previous or expected values. For example, you can continuously monitor the range of incoming values of transaction amounts. Telmai tracks your data and identifies anomalies that are out of range using seasonality and other algorithms.

Metric segmentation

Telmai provides the ability to segment your data metrics and data quality KPIs. For example, you can segment your observability insights by regions, demographics, or product categories. This is valuable when your quality metrics are dependent and vary based on the segment. For example, while a price of less than $100 may be alarmingly low for one region, it could be completely normal for another region.

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The Leader in Data Quality

Telmai has been named a High Performer in the G2 Data Quality Report. Checkout our 5 star reviews.

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Quick time to value

Telmai's out of the box data quality metrics, ML-based automation, and a low-code, no-code user interface provides you and your team engineering productivity and faster time to value.

Faster detection and resolution of data quality issues by using ML
Cost reduction vs. maintaining data quality rules over time

The Leader in Data Quality

Telmai has been named a "High Performer" in the G2 Data Quality Grid Report of Spring 2023.

Checkout our 5 star reviews.

Customer testimonials

“Our customers deserve the best possible data to make their business grow. Telmai's Data Observability enables us to show the quality of the data that we are delivering to our customers. With Telmai we are able to build data quality KPIs that reflect our data's freshness, completeness, and accuracy to keep and extend the trust that our customers have put in us.”

Harlow Ward

CTO, Clearbit

"When dealing with data sets comprising million of records, Telmai quickly becomes an incredibly useful tool, saving a lot of time and ultimately increasing data quality."

Maria Grineva

SVP Engineering, Dun & Bradstreet

“We chose Telmai because of its flexibility and architecture. Telmai will remain our data observability platform as our data landscape changes. Telmai has lots of adapters in place to quickly integrate with various data sources across cloud providers. In addition, it supports real time API integration for automated decisions in complex workflows.”

Kishore Damodara

AVP of Cloud and Data Engineering, Merkle

"Data anomaly investigations that used to take hours now take minutes and give us more time to focus on the business needs."

Darius Kemeklis

EVP, Myers-Holum

“In searching for data quality and observability, we looked at a few solutions. They were limited to tracking just the data volumes, row counts, completeness, and uniqueness. That was not enough for us. We needed to look inside each attribute and each record to see if our data is drifting or its patterns are changing. Telmai was the only solution that empowered us to do so.”

Alejandra Cabrera

Data Product Manager, Clearbit

“To prepare data for product usage analysis we needed data quality metrics beyond monitoring operational data pipelines and job status checks. While we continue to monitor the quality of the pipeline, we chose Telmai to detect the quality of the data that moves through the pipeline.”

Raghu Nadiger

Data & Analytics Leader, DataStax

Turnkey integrations with your stack

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Telmai is a platform for the Data Teams to proactively detect and investigate anomalies in real-time.
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