Senior Backend Engineer

Full Time

Calling all rock-star  backend engineers

We are looking for a Senior Backend developer who will be working on building Telmai’s high performance backend system. The backend will be tailored towards high volume data streaming processing. The hire will focus primarily on building efficient APIS and distributed statistical data structures to power machine learning based outlier detection at scale. This role will also require setting up required operational aspects, such as productivity tools, testing and release frameworks, etc.

Job duties:

- Develop fast and high throughput backend and api to power Machine Learning-based

data outlier detection

- Build and operate monitoring

- Operate Cloud (GCP and AWS) account for secure and efficient operation

- Build/configure productivity tools


- Expert level in Java or Scala

- Experience designing REST APIs

- Experience with Spark is a plus

- Experience with Spring Boot

- Experience with Docker or Kubernetes

- Experience with microservices architecture, cloud monitoring tools

- Experience with test automation for microservices

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