Data profiling and observability

Improve the data reliability for GCS and BigQuery within minutes

Automated data profiling solution

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Migration to GCP

Today GCP customers do not have easy data profiling and validation solution;

Often an essential step of the migration is the need to understand the data structures, content, and relationships within client data. Telmai has proven to reduce this process to a fraction of the time through our low-code no-code profiling.

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Automated data profiling solution

Continous Data reliability

Improve Data reliability for analytics.Telmai supports full data observability capabilities to ensure continued reliability of data in BigQuery and GCS. Some of the observability features are listed below

Features for BigQuery and GCS

Automatic monitoring of 40+ predefined data metrics like schema change, row count, completeness, uniqueness, patterns, distribution change, accuracy, etc

Simple UI for expectations/rules ,no more hand-coded rules using Great Expectation or DBT expectations.

Monitoring for streaming and batch data 

Support for semi-structured data, i.e., nested and multi-valued attributes.

Support multiple formats like JSON, Parquet, CSV, and Avro

Features for BigQuery and GCS

Intuitive human-in-loop model for fine-tuning thresholds, policies, or writing expectations

Dataproc(spark) processing to enable infinite scale without performance/cost impact on BigQuery

Private cloud and SaaS offering

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Telmai is a platform for the Data Teams to proactively detect and investigate anomalies in real-time.
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