Data profiling and observability

Get alerted by Telmai, instead of being alarmed by the Business team!

Improve the data reliability for GCS and BigQuery within minutes

How does it work


Faster detection
and resolution


Reduction on TCO

< 1 Hour

Time to value


Drop in alert noise

Monitor data in motion for anomalies

No code setup. Simple, fast and secure.

A no-code on-boarding. Connect to your data source and specify alerting channels

Telmai will automatically learn from data and alert you when there are unexpected drifts

Get alerted on data metrics drift

Get alerted on unexpected drifts on data metrics like row counts, schema changes, completeness of column values, outliers in values and unexpected drifts in distribution of values.

Faster investigation

Once alerted, quickly analyze Data and Metadata to identify the root cause of issues.Our investigator UI will provide visual hints on value distributions, pattern masks, and anomaly scores on aspects like length, frequency, tokens to find the root cause of issues in minutes.

Automated data profiling solution

Customize alerting policies

Fine-tune our alerting to include your business needs. Users can set expectations on data like controlled list values, expected data types, and patterns.Get automatically alerted when these policies get violated.

How it works


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Telmai will learn your data and its trends and automatically alert on unexpected drifts.

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Telmai is a platform for the Data Teams to proactively detect and investigate anomalies in real-time.
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